School And Program Approval Guideline And Process

Our role in education

We committed to ensure public health safety through regulation of education practice and nursing training and conduct by making sure that the set standards are adhered for verification and approve of the nursing and midwifery schools/institutions and programs
We maintain schools/institutions information in database in consistency to number of students admitted

We maintain the schools/program through registration and licensing the schools

Approval Of Education And Training Schools/Programs

We recognize and register, all nurses and midwives eligible for registration. The individual must have successfully completed nursing and midwifery training from a TNMC approved and recognized school/institution/program.
The approval process completed after the school has met the requirements stipulated in the Act and Regulations 2020. To date, the Council has approved 107 nursing/midwifery training schools/institutions to train students at certificate, diploma,degree ,master’s and PhD level
It is necessary that students make sure that the institution where they will be trained is approved by the Council AND that the training programme (course). The Tanzania nursing and midwifery Council will not recognize any students or graduates trained from unrecognized and not approved school,institutions ,programs of the training the student has received. This means that the learner will not be able to practice in Tanzania (or elsewhere) after completing the training. The education and training regulations (available on this website) give minimum entry requirements for each nursing/midwifery training programmes.
It is a requirement that all training institutions undergo the recognition process. It is based on best practices and adherence of the establishment criteria and quality standards for operation. It ensures that nursing and midwifery programs meet or exceed a variety of standards. This process is necessary to ensure students receive the quality education for their professional field.